Assorted Flavor


Box of 24 Cookies


This Assorted Flavor containing our 8 signature cookie flavors is the perfect gift for sharing with families and friends.

- XO Sauce Cookies XO醬曲奇 x 3
- Chili Shrimp Cookies 香辣蝦米曲奇 x 3
- Seven Spice Cookies 七味粉曲奇 x 3
- Scallion Chicken Cookies 蔥油雞曲奇 x 3
- Red Dates Cookies 紅棗曲奇 x 3
- Rosemary Apricot Cookies 杏脯迷迭香曲奇 x 3
- American Ginseng Raisin Cookies 提子花旗蔘曲奇 x 3
- Tangerine Peel With Ginger 陳皮子薑曲奇 x 3

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Each box contains 24 individually packaged handmade cookies.